Edible Gardening, Mulch & Stones

Grass and decorative plants are over-rated!

We believe that productive open spaces should be in artificial grass, with edible and beneficial plants taking garden spaces

Our landscape services transform your property into low-maintenance, attractive and productive uses of space. It might just make the difference in you picking your own vegetables and fruit and relaxing or having the mowing, weeding and spraying to do…

Edible Gardens

We create edible – vegetables, herbs, fruits & berries for your property. We work with clients to grow and harvest their own nutrient-rich food, without sprays. We plan, install and can maintain seedlings, plants, trees, vines, shrubs. We believe everyone can be self-sufficient and this starts with being proactive with your own food production.

 We supply and install a range of raised beds or we can use what you have to renovate your existing space. Small area? Concrete or timber? Existing gardens? We can install productive edible gardens in more places than you might realise.

 Stones or Mulch

An economical way to cover areas without grass or weeds. Useful for areas, such as:

  • Creating new garden beds
  • Renovating existing garden beds
  • Walkways & paths
  • Sides of houses and driveways

Generally this involves removing soil, installing weed-mat and completing with your choice of decorative stones or wood mulch. Then you can fill with a range of attractive edible plants, of course…

We won’t rush your project – we will ensure you have the correct dig-out, coverage of weed-mat and correct level of filling with the right surface. Do it once – do it right, and you will have years of grass and weed-free lives.